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Ferrari is the most recognizable sports car manufacturer on the planet and with good reason; they are one of the few automakers that still build vehicles that stir the soul. The inspiration and efforts it takes to build a streetcar of this caliber begins on the racetrack even before the vehicle is conceptualized.

This approach has been in place since Enzo Ferrari himself founded the company in 1929, building streetcars to fund his racing efforts. The only way to achieve victory in racing is to continue to be innovative and push the envelope of design and engineering. The amount of knowledge gained from racing, and more importantly the rate in which it was obtained, provided substantial advantages that are applied to manufacturing streetcars.

What distinguishes a Ferrari from its competitors isn’t just the performance. It’s how good a Ferrari looks while performing. With coach builders Pininfarina and Zagato applying the design, Ferrari’s are made to look stunning, while delivering effective aerodynamic performance. There simply isn’t a need to compromise between the two, given their attention to detail and flawless execution. You’ll be sure that no one ever mistakes a Ferrari for something else.

Rent a Ferrari today and get behind the wheel of a prancing horse to discover why this Italian exotic manufacturer is still the best.

Locations throughout California

San Francisco Bay Area

Silicon Valley Clubhouse
Club Sportiva @ AutoVino
  • Menlo Park Clubhouse
  • 205 Constitution Drive
  • Menlo Park CA, 94025

Los Angeles (including Orange County)

  • Los Angeles Clubhouse
  • 12210½ Nebraska Ave
  • Los Angeles, CA 90025

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